kitti_iconKitti (Available in Google Play Store)

This is a popular card game in Nepal that needs to be played with 52 card deck. This is a game where you pit your luck and skills against the opponents. Nine cards are dealt to each player. The objective of the game is to make three sets out of the nine cards you have been dealt and win two consecutive sets.

How to play the game?

First arrange cards to three sets. Place the sets in descending order (highest in the left and so on). Tap on the play area after you are ready to drop cards. Drop first set by tapping the first set. Your turn will be notified by green indicator around your image.

Final Results of “Kitti” are:

Salami: Winning all the three sets of cards.
Winner: Winning two consecutive set from three sets.
Kitti: Winner cannot be decided.

If a winner cannot be decided i.e. KITTI, cards is distributed again after 5 seconds.

The KITTI hand ranking is given as follows:

2-3-5 of different suit 2♠3♥5♦ (If 2-3-5 is allowed)
Triple Cards A♥A♠A♦ ——- 2♥2♠2♦ (lowest)
Royal Flush A♠K♠Q♠
Straight Flush A♠2♠3♠    K♠Q♠J♠——2♠3♠4♠(lowest)
Straight A♠K♥Q♦    A♠2♥3♦    K♠Q♦J♥    Q♠J♦10♥——2♠3♥4♦(lowest)
Flush A♠K♠J♠—–2♠3♠5♠(lowest)
Pair A♠A♥K♦——2♠2♥3♦(lowest)
Higher Card A♠K♥2♦

To win the whole game, two consecutive sets should win. Therefore, to remain in game and to make KITTI, winning the second set plays an important role.

If players have same card hand, the result will be “Drawn” for that hand which means none of the players win that hand.

– If you have “four of a kind”, you will be declared as a winner automatically.
– If you have “four pairs”, cards will be distributed again.


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