dhumbal_icon Dhumbal (Available in Google Play Store)

This is a popular and fun card game played mostly in Nepal. It is a strategy based card game and the rules are very simple. Five cards are dealt to each player. Each card has a face value and the objective is to make hand value the lowest of all the players.

Game Setup

  • Normal deck of 52 cards without jokers.
  • Target score of 100 points. (This can be changed from Settings)
  • Deal 5 cards to each player.
  • Leave rest of the card on a stack.

Finish a game by getting lowest point of all the players. All cards are worth their face value.
A = 1
J = 11
Q = 12
K = 13

You are allowed to finish when you have 5 points or less, but you can decide not to finish and wait until you have even less.

Rounds are always played clockwise and the person left from the person distributing/dealing cards starts.   
           Dropping cards
Aim is to drop many cards. You drop cards in front of you facing the card value. You may drop any one card of your hand or pair/triple/quadruple (e.g. : AA or K♦K♠K ) or straight cards of same suit (e.g.: ♠A♠2♠3 or ♦5♦6♦7♦8 or ♠K♠Q♠J♠10♠9).

Picking card
              You may pick a card from folded card stack or from the thrown cards (by the last player) on the table. [If “Card Pick Rule” is enabled from settings, you will not be eligible to pick thrown cards until you have once dropped or planning to drop two or more cards.]
If you drop all you hand cards, you still have to pick up a card.

Declaring a win

  • If you have 5 or less than 5 hand value you can show your card and declare to end. You can only end the game at the start of your turn but not after picking up a card.
  • After you show your card, other players will show their cards in clockwise.
  • If you have the lowest card among all you will get 0 game points and other players will get their hand value as points.
  • If any other player has hand value less than or equal to you, penalty of 25 game points will be added to your hand value and the other player will get 0 game points.
Final Score
Game score of every player will be added and another round of the game is started until a player has a total of target score (100 by default). At that point, player with least game score is declared winner.


Download Dhumbal from this link – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=np.com.alankar.dhumbal